I’m Allison, I see you have ventured onto my blog! Why did I start my Blog you may be wondering? Well I decided to start writing a blog for a few reasons. Number one is to show everyone how I explore the world using a wheelchair and give ideas for others about accessible adventures. I know from my experiences how hard it can be to find resources for wheelchair travel when planning a trip ( Booking a hotel with an “accessible” room and on arrival finding out my room is up a flight of stairs…Sigh… Well let’s think of the only positive, where is some good-looking men to lift me?!? hehe). Secondly breaking the stereotype of how you perceive a wheelchair user and showing  the importance of accessibility to achieving this. So a quick guide to this is; No i don’t sit at home knitting on the weekend, if there is an accessible night club… Id rather be there instead! I might be wearing a knitted jumper but my fashion sense has nothing to do with my disability.  Thirdly to keep track of the main objective which is ticking as many things of my bucket list as possible. Now let’s get these adventures underway!

Oh wait we’ve covered what the blog is about,  now let me tell you my back story I know your dying to hear it, well read it…

I’m 26, I like long walks along the path next to the beach, Pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Oops this isn’t tinder? Ok ok, Im a 26-year-old girl who has been using a wheelchair for 8 years. I’ve always loved adventuring and being outside. As a child and teenager I grew up surfing and living across the road from the beach.

I finished school with flying colours and my plan was to take a gap year and travel with my best friend. In March 2009 the start of my gap year that is 6 weeks after my 18th birthday i was involved in a car accident that flipped my world upside down. The car i was in rolled 14 times down a mountain which caused me to sustain a Spinal Cord Injury which means I’m paralysed from my chest down. After years and years of medical complications I’m finally well enough to live my life to amazing lengths and achieve everything I’ve always wanted to achieve and I’m happy to be able to share it with my family, friends and now you.


I hope this blog inspires people of all abilities to explore and adventure this beautiful world we live in.