Wheelchair Accessible Hotel in San Sebastián

NH Collection is a hotel chain that takes accessibility seriously, although it should as it is around €100-€130 a night.

Where: Vitória-Gasteiz Kalea, 1, 20018 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain 🇪🇸

Email: nharanzazu@nh-hotels.com

Phone: 34 2094 203219077

Website: https://www.nh-hotels.com/hotel/nh-collection-san-sebastian-aranzazu?gmb=new


-The entrance is 100% accessible, there is automatic doors which makes it easy to bring your luggage in.

-There is a bar in an adjoining room from reception that you can access via a ramp.

-Lifts to each floor large enough for a power wheelchair.

-The breakfast room to your right is fully accessible with low bench tops.


– The room is larger than most hotel bedrooms, if you use a power chair then you can ask them to take out the desk or side tables to have a bigger turning circle.

-The room is large and the bed is raised so you could use a hoist.


-Toilet has fold down rails on both sides. There is a wall to the left of the toilet, so transfers would need to be made from the right.

-The shower is roll in with no lips.

-There is a small wall bench seat that has railings on the right side.

– The shower head and shower controls are in reach from the seat.

-There is a roll under sink with a mirror low enough to be able to see.

– Some reason a lot of accessible showers in Spain flood, this is better than some hotels but your bathroom is still going to get wet.


-There is parking for 21€ a nigh, the best place to park is on the first parking level as the lifts are hard to get in and out of as the stairwell is small on the other levels.


-10 minute push to Ondarreta beach and restaurant area. It is very flat but if I was using a manual chair I’d aqua

-5 minute push to the bus stop, this bus stop has the Hop on and Hop off route. You can buy tickets online here. The tourist hop on hop off bus service is accessible and easy way to see the city.

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