11 Wheelchair Accessible Activites to Do on The Gold Coast

1.Ripleys Believe It or Not

Ripleys believe it or not

Do you want to see the unique side of humanity or figure out what world record you want to break whilst measuring up to the tallest man that has ever existed? Well Ripleys Believe it or not is the place to be, located in the heart of Surfer paradise next to all of the popular restaurants. This building has wheelchair access so everyone will be able to visit, YES INCLUSION! The staff take you from reception to a lift where you can enter the first floor (Get ready to view the strangest things like Authentic Shrunken Heads!). They have remodelled in the last few years which has made every floor accessible, so you won’t miss out. The company also accepts companion cards, which makes it a cheaper day if you are bringing along a carer. The centre itself has wheelchair accessible toilets but they are not inside Ripleys. Parking is available along the beach and is only a short flat stroll to the Centre.

Ripleys is 100% worth visiting you’ll never forgot some of the things you learn and see!

2.The Beach

Beach access

The Gold Coast beaches are well known all over the world for their beauty. When visiting the Gold Coast a day out at the beach can be enjoyed by anyone as there is a variety of beaches that have access and equipment. You can hire Free equipment from Gold Coast recreation and Sport Inc or Giveability, the equipment includes Hippocamps and Sandcruiser beach wheelchairs. You’re able to use this equipment at any of the beaches/ rivers across the city. Located on Counsel Website there is a list of beaches that have Accessing Matting, beach chairs for hire from the Surf Clubs and information about the parking and access points. So its as simple as making a quick call to one of the Surf Clubs on the website and packing a bag ready for a fun day!

Go Gold Coast!  You’re getting more and more inclusive everyday. Well Done!!!

3. Timezone

Timezone is a large indoor family theme park with numerous interactive games,activities and attractions. You can play all of these different games, as you win you will receive tickets in which you can trade for a prize at the end. This is perfect for families, the kids will love it! Timezone is located in the heart of Surfers Paradise in Cavill Mall on Cavill Avenue, its on the second level which you can catch a lift to. There is disabled toilets inside of the Cavill Mall as well, so everything is in an easy roll. You are eligible for free parking if you spend $100 or more in a single transaction, there is disabled parking spots along the esplanade which is only a small push away.

4. Shopping at Harbour Town

HarbourtownHarbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre  is a shopping centre that is accessible for everyone. The shopping centre is outside and is one level, it is extremely flat with access into every store. There is brand clothing that is really cheap, its known as the Gold Coast DFO and is very popular. They have plenty of restaurants to eat from and a Reading Cinema if you want to catch a movie, which is pretty new and has been updated in the last few years. They have accessible toilets through the whole complex and disability parking at every entrance, it certainly is a place to visit especially if you want to snap up some brand name bargains. Click on the blue name above to check out the shops at Harbour Town.

5. Surfers Paradise Markets 

Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets are situated on the end of Cavil Avenue, they have been operating since 1995. The Markets are a Icon for Surfer Paradise as they provide a unique cultural shopping experience. The Markets are open from 4-9pm Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. The markets stores provide Fashion, Jewellery, accessories, artworks, Photographs and much more. They are fully accessible which means everyone can visit. There is accessible parking along the esplanade and also parking available under some of the larger hotels. There is also toilets running along the esplanade and accessible toilets within the centre on Cavill Avenue. Considering the Markets are at the end of Cavill Avenue you could tie in dinner at one of the many accessible restaurants along there or along the esplanade.

6. The Night Quarter

The night quarter.jpg

The Night Quarter is a foodies dream, you have stalls of food layered down every street. The night Quarter is open every Friday and Saturday night 4:00 to 10:00pm. They have 3 different food Precints;

– Tapas Street which is 12 twelve shipping containers based micro restaurants which serve all different global flavours. There is live music to be enjoyed while you eat. To make it easier most of these little restaurants do table services

-Hawker Street is a wide variety of food from Thailand, Greece. Spain and much more. At the end of the street there is desserts vendors where you can end your night. Hawker street is the perfect place for large families or groups.

-High Street Food is authentic street food. you can get a snack or a main meal. It is the perfect place to try all different types of deliciousness.

The night Quarter is really accessible once you get in, they have accessible toilets and all of the restaurants are on flat ground, there is ramps up to the dining areas that are higher up so its actually quite a fun night. There are a few cons of the Night Quarter,  its really busy so sometimes its difficult to push around without running into people, the parking is really difficult as there is no accessible spots, so my advise would be to get dropped at the front door by a cab or if you’re going with someone get them to go park the car.

7. Gold Coast Ocean Way Coastal Walk

I would recommend this to anyone wanting to see the natural beauty of the Gold Coast beaches and rivers. It is a 36km Walk that goes from The Spit all the way down to Point danger in Coolangatta. 36km is a long way to roll especially in a manual chair without a power assist, so you could cut it down into sections. Surfers and Broadbeach is natural beautiful with coffee shops close by just incase you need to recharge, its close to the main Hotels. The south end of the Gold Coast around Kirra and Coolangatta is much more quieter and naturally beautiful but still has restaurant close by if you need a rest. It is really flat all of the way until you hit Currumbin/Burleigh area, where it starts to get Hilly, once it gets to Palm beach its flattens out.

8. Whale Watching

Seaward Whale Watching Boat Tour offers the excitement and adventure of close encounters with the largest Marine Mammals living in our vast ocean. There is two times you can take a tour, 10.00am or 2.00pm. In the months between June and October there is 100% money back guarantee if you don’t see a whale, during these months the whales are travelling past the Gold Coast so a very high likely hood of having an amazing experience.

Sea World Whale watching Tour is one of the only manual wheelchair accessible whale boat tours on the Gold Coast. There is conditions surrounding your booking as well, your wheelchair must be manual and the width must be under 72cm. You need to call to make the booking and let them know you’re use a chair, they also suggest calling the day before as they only take wheelchairs when its calm. ( I don’t think being stuck out in rough seas would be enjoyable at all).  They have a disabled toilet on board, which makes the day much less stressful.

9. Sea World


Sea World is a theme park centred around sea life, I think most people would of heard of Sea World before and know a bit about it. You must be wondering why this is in the top ten, there is actually a few reasons. The first is they have a lot of accessible shows like the Seal Guardians Presentation, Our world of the dolphin, Affinity Dolphin presentation, Penguin feeding, Ray Reef  presentation, Jet stunt extreme and some other presentation that children would love like Paw patrol. These shows could fill in your whole day, plus you get to sit and relax for 40 minutes so its not to tiring pushing all over the park. There is also loads of Accessible exhibits as well such as polar bear shores, shark bay, Sea bird rehabilitation aviary and plenty more.

The second reason I put this in the top ten is because they actually acknowledge people with disabilities by having a guide that shows the accessible rides, car parking, toilets, shows and paths. They also have wheelchair hire and take companion card which means a carer gets in free.  The only issue that may be difficult for a lot of people who use chairs is the steep incline at the entrance of the park, although it may be difficult Seaward staff are wonderful and if you call the front desk they’ll quickly come down and help you. I would advise for manual chair users to take a power assist so you don’t end up completely drained and fatigued by the end of the day.

Click here for the Accessibility guide to Sea World

10. Four Winds 360 Revolving 


Revolving resturant



“Dine in Paradise” is how the Four Winds 360 Revolving Restaurant describe their dining experience, they couldn’t be more correct. Its a luxurious buffet that is open for breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner. During the daylight you can see from the ocean to Mount Tambourine as the restaurant is slowly revolving around, this gives you a view of the whole Goldcoast. It is amazing! The food is to die for with a all you can eat Australian Fushion and seafood Menu, this includes loads of cakes and desserts ( This is the best part).

The Access is manageable and makes an easy day/night out. There is disabled carparks down stairs that are free for anyone visiting the restaurant, they are close to the lift and have a 2.0 heights restriction so most disability vans should fit down. There is two types of seating within the restaurant one is down 4 steps and one is up near the buffet, of course the one down the stairs is a NO go but the one closer to the buffet is perfect and has just as a scenic view (Plus its closer to the food, so thats a plus for carrying a plate!). The only issue with the restaurant is the Disabled toilets are at the bottom of the building, so it is far away if you are in a rush but once you get down there they are quite large and usable.

If you decide to have a meal here which I would 100% recommend, calling and booking a table at the top of the stairs is a must as they are really busy most nights.

11. The Star Casino

The Star.jpgThe Star Casino is located in Broadbeach across from Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. Its a really large Casino that has any type of Gambling, different bars, restaurants and Entertainment. Its so full packed that you could spend your whole night here, I would also keep an eye out for Concerts and shows as they always have something on.

Different restaurants include; Kiyomi,Nineteen at The Star, Cucino Vivo, Garden kitchen and Bar,Imperial at The Star, Food Fantasy, M&G, Mei Wei Dumplings and Food Quarter. So there is a lot to choose from when dining at the Star.

The Accessibility is great and they always stay updated, there is toilets and even wheelchair accessible accommodation if you wanted to book to stay the night. It is really flat and most of the gaming area and dinning is on the same level. The only problem is if you decide to drive, the parking can be so busy on a Friday and Saturday night but Valet parking is available. There is only one level of parking that has a lift so Id only park on that level as its dangerous trying to get up or down using the road.

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