Accessible Burleigh Heads Tourist Park

We had a Japanese exchange Student living with us for a few weeks. We wanted to show her the best attributes of Australia and Australian culture so we fed her a snag sandwich, confused her with “Yeah,Na” and “Na yeah” in our sentences then packed an overnight bag for a weekend trip down to the picturesc suburb of Burleigh Heads. Here is our weekend in a Snap Shot while showing the access side.

Accessibility of the Cabin

Ive stayed at Burleigh Caravan Park a lot over the last ten years, the wheelchair accessible cabin is what it is for once. Accessible features include: large step free balcony, lowered kitchen, large bathroom, roll in shower, wall attached Shower seat, low sink and mirror, easy height bed with enough room for a hoist and a large lounge area. Its really accessible but most of the features are really old, so I was very surprised that they were charging $175 a night with no wifi. However whenever Im speaking with someone about Burleigh heads they are in agreement that this suburb wins a few Categories such as most beautiful, most trendy and most expensive area ( Well of course if it came with the first two then this one has to follow) on the Goldcoast, so this explain the price of our cabin.


 Click here to check out the Burleigh Heads Tourist park

Accessible Activities around Burleigh Heads

The first day of the trip we spent indoors as it was forecasted 1 months rain in one day. Instead of sitting inside the Cabin with a bored 7 and 14 year old, we drove over to Robina Shopping Centre to play Ten pin bowling. Robina is really new so the whole centre is accessible, the Ten pin lanes are all on one level and there is accessible Toilets in the same vicinity.

I love making people awkward when it comes to my disability, well I love to break the ice with a joke so they can relax a bit. I approached the counter with my sister and explained we have 5 people one in a chair, so it would be great if we were in a spot that I could get to. The man had a good look around and said great the lane right there! 4 pairs of shoes then? This is when I butt in and explained I didn’t want to dirty his floors so I would need a pair as well, I let enough time pass to make him cringe then said I was joking.  We proceeded down to the lane and started bowling, I worked out if I rebound the ball on the right angle then I can knock down atleast 9! I did pretty well compared to the low expectation I had of myself.

In the afternoon the rain had diminished and the sun came out, although there was 10c winds blowing so it wasn’t beach weather but we went down for a walk anyway. Burleigh heads beach  has lots of accessible features, during the summer and hotter months there is a Beach Mat that the lifeguards roll out so wheelchair users can roll straight onto the sand. There is also beach wheelchairs that you can hire from the Lifeguard tower. It was way to cold for either of these two things! So instead of going swimming in arctic temperatures I sat on the walkway with two jumpers on and watched the girls build sand castle.

Click here for the accessible beaches around the Goldcoast.


Burleigh heads 1

After watching the girls play, I decided I didn’t want to be stuck in a cabin with them if they still had any energy left, so I made them walk along the Coastal Walk.  This is so flat and even if I wasn’t lazy and took my Batec off Id be able to easily manage a roll, there is a few Playgrounds along the walk that we stopped at. Most parks I find I can’t get over the terrain or wood palings that line the park and I can never get close enough to be able to play with my niece, these parks I can. So I spent my afternoon pretending to be a gigantic hairy spider that likes eating 7 year olds.

The Burleigh Heads Hotel is just behind the beach, its really accessible and a great place to chill out and have a drink, I didn’t visit this time as that wouldn’t be very responsible leaving my Exchange student on the beach with my 7 year old niece? or would it? I use to come to the Burleigh Hotel anytime I stayed at the tourist park in the last 10 years, its close enough to be able to have a few drinks and roll home, you don’t have to worry about catching public transport. My most hated thing in the world is trying to get home in my chair at 3.00am after a long night, its difficult enough catching public transport when you’re sober!

That night we taught our student how to cook an Australian BBQ, they were in bed asleep by 7.30 so my activities for today worked! We planned on going swimming at the beach the next morning but it was pouring and freezing cold! So we packed up our gear and drove home. What a wonderful Beach escape!




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