Batec Modifications

After having my Batec for 3 months and hiking Mt Kosciscko I found a flaw that I decided to modify to help with the mobility of the Batec. The flaw is the two small wheels and base plate that is used to stand the Batec up right while you click it on and off.  The wheels make it easy to get on and off and loading it into my van. The issue though I found is that once the Batec is clicked on the little wheels only come 3cm off the ground, this causes the wheels to get caught on uneven surfaces like grass, mud and rocks.

I took the Batec down to Concept Coach Works a fabrication place, this is owned by my friend Brad. Brad took off the metal plate and put a hinge on each side that allows me to flick the wheels up when Im going off road. When Im finished cruising I can easily flip down the two little wheels. The wheels can flare out when it wobbles getting it in and out of the van so we just placed two garden trellises (well part of a trellis) on each side that I can take in and out easily myself.

——–This Mod has improved the Batec and made the mobility on any surface so much              easier. I can’t wait to go off road more to test how well it goes ——–

                                    Photos of the Mods

Batecing After the Mods

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