Sargood on Collaroy

Sargood on collaroy 1.jpg

I travelled down to Sydney for a medical appointment and whilst i was there I thought well I may as well try this new Hotel/Resort built for persons who have a Spinal Cord Injury. So i booked in to stay for 4 days and enjoy the great facilities they had.

Sargood on Collaroy as written in the description:

The Sargood Foundation aims to support people with a spinal injury in their endeavour to play an equal role in society by promoting social integration and activity, by increasing workforce participation, and by promoting innovations that enhance the lives of people living with a spinal injury. In addition to support received from icare, the Sargood Foundation raises funds for Sargood on Collaroy to ensure the long-term sustainability of the centre as the ultimate accessible accommodation offering education, health and wellbeing for people with spinal cord injury.

After staying there i have to agree with this statement written in their about. It is the most inclusive and wheelchair accessible place that i have stayed in the last 8 years of being paralysed.

As written above it offers 3 main elements to your stay. Education within Sargood can be shown in many aspects, firstly if you need any input from a nurse regarding wounds or continence than you can speak with one. This nurse who is trained in SCI can also script equipment from bright sky and gives you advice on what is the best approach for your circumstance. What comes under Health is many forms there is a fully equipped gym downstairs that has over 10 pieces of equipment that are wheelchair accessible, most of them focusing on shoulder stabilisation. You are also able to have a full gym session with a exercise physiologist who can set you up programs or just give you a good workout.

These two aspects also show the health element as they educate you, Health and wellbeing can also be seen in the Adaptive Yoga classes that are run every Tuesday ( I really wanted to do this but i had an appointment at this current time). The class is run for an hour and they teach you adapted yoga techniques.

Now one of the best parts of Sargood which i was most excited about was the inclusion within the resort regarding their equipment. They have all sorts of equipment; different beach wheelchairs from electric to manual, hand cycles ( as you can see in my photo up the top) , leg cycles and sit down segways,

Im going back on the 27th of October so I’m going to do a diary entry form of blog so you can see all the fun mischievous activities I get up to. Ill be going surfing and attending a lot more activities.

Sargood on collaroy 2.jpg

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