Mooloolaba- Accessible Sunshine Coast Weekend Away

Moollolaba is a beautiful place for anyone to visit, either in a wheelchair or not. The pristine beaches and relaxed atmosphere make it great for a weekend getaway.

Nestled one street back from the ocean and the main esplanade is accommodation that is a wheelchair users dream. The Newport 2 bedroom self contained apartment is fully accessible, with a large adapted bathroom with a roll in shower and lowered kitchen. This open planned living enables you to have access all around your freshly renovated unit. The owner son uses a wheelchair so they just had the unit freshly modified.  Everything is thought of including a little ramp to get out on the balcony and a day bed in the lounge room which makes for an easy transfer and a relaxed tv time as you are able to lay down and stretch your legs.


There is great access all around the whole apartment block, a lift straight from the garage to reception ( If you call ahead of time the reception will leave a key in the letter box next to the garage so you can check in after you park the car). There is also access to the pool area with a large ramp that has a small incline which makes it easy to push.


The reason I visited this area was to have a relaxed weekend and visit a Day spa, so if your up for a bit of pampering the oasis day spa is a great choice, fully accessible and the beauticians are willing to help if need be. The massage tables were powered and could lower which made for an easy transfer. There as a clean disabled toilet in the centre so in-between treatments I didn’t have to go on a 10 year voyage to discover a place to pee.

This place should defiantly be on your to do list for a weekend get away. It is such a relaxed atmosphere that it revives you for the weeks ahead.

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