The Two Best Manual Wheelchair Accessories for Travelling

Travelling using a wheelchair can be difficult at times as you can end up packing enough to make it look like you are moving house. I have chosen two wheelchair accessories that I would not be able to live without whilst I’m on the road. Independence is one of the most sort after traits that I’ve found myself really ambitiously working towards and these two pieces of equipment are bloody awesome!

The FreeWheel, this has saved my facial features on many adventures, if i didn’t have this i would have face planted faster than the venezluan skier in the olympics. Now this beauty lifts my front wheels up which transforms my regular wheelchair into an off road beast. I can go onto grass, pebbles, gravel, mud and everything except the beach. I used this when i went to Bali in indonesia, the most inaccessible country but i managed to enjoy and do everything i wanted because of this piece of equipment. The footpaths had massive holes and aren’t concrete but compacted mud so using my wheelchair regularly would have been impossible. I also used this in the cities in USA even tho it was extremely accessible i was able to cross the roads quickly without having to do wheelies to get over the cracks in the ramps.

The SMART DRIVE, my word this piece of equipment is like romeo and I’m juliet. Literally cannot live without this beauty! This is a easy detachable motor that sits on the back of my manual wheelchair thus turning it into a power wheelchair within a few clicks. Most power chairs are large and hard to manauveor but with this i can still have the freedom of being able to get into small spaces like going into shops or cafes whilst being able to get to places independently such as up hills and travel long distances without fatiguing quickly.( We walked 5-10km a day during our 3 month trip in USA and i didn’t get fatigued!). ┬áConsidering it can be detached so easily, i can still put my chair in and out of any car and be able to put the motor on myself. Now relying on equipment of course has floors but the Pros outweigh the cons, but i will mention the Cons. The only problem I’ve had with this is i have the old version of the smart drive so there is small cords that sit under my wheelchair which tend to break a lot as apparently I’m too ” rough” but i think if your going to be getting out and about having a cord you sit on was a bad invention idea. The new version of the smart drive doesn’t have this and never breaks so i would definitely invest in this if you want freedom while travelling.

These two pieces of equipment make my life so much easier. They are super expensive but definently worth the investment.





2 thoughts on “The Two Best Manual Wheelchair Accessories for Travelling

  1. I have my Freewheel and I love it I went to the beach earlier this summer and did 6 miles down the beach 3 miles up and down on the same day and it was awesome I am getting my smart drive so I can’t wait I’m excited it’ll be here around November with my new chair

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